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setting up wireless for a small business?
The Radigan Review

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“The short and simple answer is no.”

Yesterday slashdot had a post called Should IT Shops Let Users Manage Their Own PCs? And like most of the responses I must say “NO” Being and IT guy my self I know that there are just some users out the who need help using their PC’s, and that is just fine. Because if my truck starts to act strangely I can check the regular things, but can I really fix it no. I take it to a mechanic. Also if I want to build a house do I go and buy 2×4′s and some nails, and set to the task, no. I hire a carpenter do this. “It is all part of the great circle of life Simba” ~Mufasa The Lion King It is impossible to know everything, and what is more master everything. The best you can hope for is to almost master one,(generally what you do for a job) and then meddle in everything else. Personally I really don’t like the idea of a Jack of all trades. Because they really don’t exist. Yes a person may be able to do anything within the building trades, but can he/she climb a telephone pole with upwards of 10,000 volts and diagnose why electricity isn’t flowing through the power lines in question, I don’t think so. This is the whole point of a profession people come to you to do that specific task to a professional level. If they didn’t need your service they wouldn’t come to you, and furthermore you wouldn’t have a job or a profession.