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So today Wikipedia is black (will be back up tomorrow), and Google has a black banner over its logo. Why is this you ask? Simple SOPA and PROTECT IP. For those of you who have been keeping up with this legislation I will simply say “I am now ready to add my voice to those who are protesting these bills”!

The purpose of these bills is supposedly to make the internet “safe” for copyrighted material that exists in the internet. Or more specifically the “legal and authorized” copyrighted material on the internet. When really all it does is create a new internet where the media companies are allowed to rule. With really no government over site, just action. The media companies will use the government to enforce there will, and probably create a “net” much different from the one we know today. Certainly a net where free speech is limited and if you step out of line one time you will never be seen again. On the “net” that is.

These bills are certainly a massive violation of the right to free speach. But they also setup a fairly totalitarian internet where the media companies will be “holding all the keys” ~Morphius.

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The Pirate Bay has been blocked but to major ISPs in The Netherlands.
The Radigan Review

This is yet another attack on the openness of the Internet. The common held assumption is that sites like the pirate bay and applications such as BitTorrent are used for only illegal activities. I am willing to admit that the a large amount of media on these sites is in fact illegal, but not all. There is legal and licensed media on these sites. There are many producers of media that use the BitTorrent technology to promote and distribute. As far as I am concerned the fault does not lie with Pirate Bay or BitTorrent. It lies with the users taking advantage of the site.

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In a story by CNN “Myspace has kicked out 90,000 sex offenders” from their database.  Sighting that they clearly crated these profiles to prey on children using the service, and perhaps they did.  However by doing this I believe that the have violated the free speech rights of these sex offenders.  Now parental groups may agree with these measures, but it could quickly become a slippery slope.  What is to stop them from eliminating all convicts, because they clearly created these profiles to conduct crimes.  Or eliminate all republicans from there services, because they clearly created these profiles to bring down the current administration, and since the whole country is behind obama these hold outs are rednecks, and racists, and therefore there speech will be hateful and uneducated, but I digress.  The constitution applies to all peoples in this country, not just those who have not been convicted of sexual crimes, therefore I consider this move by Myspace to be unconstitutional.

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In today’s heightened political word it seems like the moment you mention you are a republican, you are automatically labeled a dumb redneck, and even sometimes a racist.  This is not true.  You can’t use political beliefs to determine Intelligence Quotient.  This needs to stop, if it doesn’t all you are going to do is piss off the right, and I believe that the fence sitters (who won the election for Obama) will pick up on it as well and in the next election will consider it cruel.  The American public is fickle as we recently learned yet again.

Now with all that being said, all liberals are not pussies either.  It was beliefs such as this that lost the election for republicans.  Both sides need to stop these broad labeling practices.  Both Republicans and Democrats need to respect, not like, the other sides viewpoints and based on that come to some sort of compromise.  I don’t see the two party system disappearing in this country in the near future, so we should try to develop a less painful way of dealing with the differences this political style presents.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

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I am back!

Yes after a sabatical from posting I am back and will try to post regularily.

Ok so here is the topic that has got me going today.  The pre-inaguration of Barack Obama.  To me it seemed like nothing more than a specticle.  Gratned he is the first black person to be elected president,  and that is worth celebrating.  However,  there were multiple instances of people referencing Licoln during this presentation.  They did make references to the fact that Licnoln freed the slaves, and if he did not Obama would not have even been allowed to even run for president, and this is a valid point.  But it also seemed to me that because of this relationship they were saying that Obama would be as great as Lincoln (personal opinion).  This can not be assumed.  Perhaps Obama will be a great president, but no one can say defenitively that he will be a great president.


Keep in mind that this is only the “pre-inauguration” celebration, the real inauguration will occur tommorrow.

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Information Overload: can be it a good thing?

A post was made recently to slashdot saying that for some poeple information overload is what makes them “tick”.  I have to say that I disagree.  Yes I deal with information overload on a daily basis, just look at the WebCandy portion of the blog.  But does that mean that I need it to “tick” no.  Furthermore I also disconnect from the digital world from time to time in order to reset myself, and connect with nature as opposed to connecting to a server.
It is funny all this technology surronding us was made to make our lives easier, and at least with the internet it has done the exact opposite.  From checking you gmail account, to upadating your myspace page, and the making it your IP video conference with you grandmother in Spain.  This technological wonders are not simple to use, and even more difficult to administer.  For my money Information Overload is just another annoiance that we all must deal with, but given the chance I think most of us would rather have less information, and more imagination.  After all ignorance is bliss.

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In this corner, wearing Black trunks, and hailing from the city of Chicago.  Just coming off a Presidential Nominee win, with a lead in the popular vote.  Ladies and gentlemen Barack Obama.
crowd yells
And in this corner, with the “pure” white trunks, hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  With a fan base from Focus on the family of over  200 million.  Dr. James Dobson.
crowd yells
Now ladies and gentlemen all across America the decision made here could determine the fate of the free world as we know it.  So with that in mind, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Ok so that might have been a little melodramatic but there may be a bit of a battle brewing between these two men in the coming months.  Obama has referenced biblical passages in some of his speeches before, and now Dr. James Dobson is citing those quotes as “made up“.  Saying that he is iterpereting them to meet his own world view.  NEWSFLASH the bible is nothing if not open to interpretation.  Yes if you have ever sat through a sermon you know that the speaker tries to explain it the way that they see it.  However if you read and or listen to the bible you are pretty much forced to come up with your own interpretattion.  Plus if you read the bible you quickly notice that it contridicts it’s self, depending on what part you are refrencing.  So maybe these religious leaders should realize that any thinking idividual is going to form there own opinions in reference to the bible, and that they should try to nuture the individuals opinion, and perhaps provide some wisdom to help influence the new opinion.  Not give the person their opinion and expect them to adopt it without question.

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Guantanamo Bay Cuba has been the site of many controversies over the pas few years, including water boarding, and possible illegal detainment. Well it is back in the news today. The Supreme court has given the go ahead for prisoners to bring there cases before courts to question the constitutionality of the reason they are being held. I agree with this decision, I say always question especially when it comes to legal matters. However this new look at “GITMO” has also reignited a plan that I do not agree with. Many individuals and groups are saying we should shut down GITMO. With this I do not agree. Shut down the prisons fine, but not the base as a whole. The original point of GITMO and ever other military base the US military built is because it holds a strategic importance. In the case of GITMO It may be less today with the all but extinct “threat” of communism , but the more bases that are closed the weaker the Military as a hole becomes. “You don’t cut off your foot because of a stubbed toe”, and we should not shut down GITMO because of mismanagement of the associated prisons.

After reading a CNN story in which this dialog was placed

The White House has said it is considering whether to close the Guantanamo prison

I guess the press was indeed referencing the prison, as opposed to the base as a whole. However the lack of clarity could be very confusing.

However after reading the story referenced above another problem arises. In that story it was also mentioned that if GITMO was shut down the prisoners could be moved to prisons on the US mainland. Quite frankly this is not a comforting thought. Possible terrorists closer to valuable targets. This just sounds like a bad idea.