By Ryne Colt Radigan | Thursday, June 12, 2008 - 10:00 am AKST - Posted in History, Politics, Rant

Guantanamo Bay Cuba has been the site of many controversies over the pas few years, including water boarding, and possible illegal detainment. Well it is back in the news today. The Supreme court has given the go ahead for prisoners to bring there cases before courts to question the constitutionality of the reason they are being held. I agree with this decision, I say always question especially when it comes to legal matters. However this new look at “GITMO” has also reignited a plan that I do not agree with. Many individuals and groups are saying we should shut down GITMO. With this I do not agree. Shut down the prisons fine, but not the base as a whole. The original point of GITMO and ever other military base the US military built is because it holds a strategic importance. In the case of GITMO It may be less today with the all but extinct “threat” of communism , but the more bases that are closed the weaker the Military as a hole becomes. “You don’t cut off your foot because of a stubbed toe”, and we should not shut down GITMO because of mismanagement of the associated prisons.

After reading a CNN story in which this dialog was placed

The White House has said it is considering whether to close the Guantanamo prison

I guess the press was indeed referencing the prison, as opposed to the base as a whole. However the lack of clarity could be very confusing.

However after reading the story referenced above another problem arises. In that story it was also mentioned that if GITMO was shut down the prisoners could be moved to prisons on the US mainland. Quite frankly this is not a comforting thought. Possible terrorists closer to valuable targets. This just sounds like a bad idea.

By Ryne Colt Radigan | Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 10:00 am AKST - Posted in History, Movies, Politics

OK I thought it would be appropriate to do a review of HBO’s Recount.  I watched it this weekend, and I got to tell you, it seemed to present an accurate view of the 2000 election battle, and more specifically the recount that occurred afterwards.  Now being a republican I though it drifted a little to the left, but only a little.  It was interesting to see how the Republicans worked the system to get a favorable outcome, however the Democrats worked the system as well.  All in all I would recommend it to someone who wanted to get a better insight into these past events.

By Ryne Colt Radigan | Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 10:00 am AKST - Posted in History, Politics, Rant

So Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and all the newscasts can talk about concerning this is “Oh those poor Kennedy’s”. However the Kennedy’s are anything but poor and this country has treated them very well. All these so called tragedies with the exception of JFK’s assassination, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, and the death of Jackie Kennedy were all brought on the Kennedy’s by the Kennedy’s! Like Teds infamous Chappaquiddick incident. They call this a tragedy, it wasn’t. Could it have been a accident, perhaps however the way Ted handled it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also let’s not forget the tragedy that was John Jr’s plane crash. HA! This was simply a stupid move by a overconfident under experienced pilot. Plus the very way the Kennedy’s originally got there money has been covertly “swept under the rug”. I guess prohibition profiter doesn’t look that great to the American people when running for public office. These events are not tragedies they are just the continuing story that is the Kennedy family.

By Ryne Colt Radigan | Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 10:00 am AKST - Posted in History, Politics

In a story today from the Anchorage Daily News”Monumental concerns for WWII vets“. It seems that the Japanese erected a monument on Kiska Attu island the site of a fairly substantial WWII battle. Now there are many American WWII vets who are trying to remove this monument. I am afraid I disagree with there cause. The way this monement was created was to honor “all” the persons who fought and or died on the island. There is an inscription on the monument that reads “”In memory of all those who sacrificed their lives in the islands and
seas of the North Pacific during World War II and in dedication to
world peace
.” However in another quote there are a group of vets who say “…to put that thing on hallowed ground is equivalent to al-Qaida putting
a monument on Ground Zero for the guys that hijacked the airliners
.” I think that the Battle of Kiska Attu and the events of 9/11 are completely different. One was a battle that took place during a major war, and involving soldiers from both sides. The other was a preemptive and brutal attack on a unprepared population, and involved civilians. Ultimately the people who are protesting this monument are allowed to do so, and I must respect the unique position that they are in. However it has been over 60 years since the ending of WWII perhaps it is time to try and reconcile with the other side.

CORRECTION 9/19/07: The monument is on Attu not Kiska island. However both of these islands played a part in WWII.