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No more used games on for the upcoming Xbox 720?
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No new PlayStation from Sony for the foreseeable future.
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Well CES 2010 is over and at least as far a monitors are concerned it looks like the big push is for 3D.  Both TV’s and stand alone computer monitors are quickly adopting this new technology.  My question is why? Also why was it federally mandated that every broadcast in america go high definition by a certain date?  I realize that technology is constantly evolving but this rapid change over is crazy.  It seems like in a year or so if you want to experience everything an entertainment package (be it blu-ray, or video game) has to offer you will need a new 3D monitor of some sort, and they aren’t coming cheap, especially with the economy the way it is now.  OK I guess the High Definition mandated change was ok, but with the industry now putting a de-facto 3D change very quickly after everyone bought HDMI compliant TVs it seems like to much to quick.  Granted standard HDMI TVs will continue to display content, the viewer just won’t be able to completely experience all content, and yes I may strive to be an early apoter of technology so I hear about these products before the average person.  I guess I just wish the industry would just have waited a few years before trying to revolutionize the monitor industy yet again.  At the very least it would have given them more time to beta test the new hardware/software.  Also to accomplish the 3-D effects we will have to go back to 1950′s tech.  That’s right the 3-D glasses are getting polished and sent back out to the consumer.  So not only will you have to buy a new TV, but you will have to wear funky glasses to get the full effect.  I am not saying that I don’t like the idea of  realistist movement being interperted by my brain, far form it I enjoy the idea of bieng fully imersed in an entainment situation,  but I think the industy is moving too quick on this and needs to let consumers get used to the idea of non 3-D high deffinition entertainment, before complicating the market even more with this new addition of the 3-D aspect.

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There has been a recent development in the gaming sector.  Many individuals are saying that PC Gaming is dead, or at least dying.  I can’t believe this statement.  For one, certain games work on a console and certain games work on a console.  I really don’t think WOW or Age of Conan would Really work even with todays next gen consoles.  Plus the level of customization of the game available on a PC is awesome.  Tell me when was the last time you were excited about the new video card you installed in your Wii and increased the video performance by 20FPS.  For my money there is a market for both Consoles and PC’s.  Further more “hardcore” gamers generally own both a high powered PC and a console of some kind, or multiple consoles.  It all depends on how deep you get into gaming.  For the casual gamer yes a console alone will suffice.  However for those of us who like to be on the cutting edge of gaming, a Gaming PC plus a console is the only way to go.

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Yes it appears that a Brit has taken up the ever popular “sport” of studing the effect of violent video games on the human mind, and guess what… Nope he didn’t find that violent video games create violent people. Quite the contrary. However as it has been said in the forums associated with this story this study will probably just be “swept under the rug.” However, maybe this is the start of a turn in the thinking of the scientific community towards violent video games.

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Just a reminder it is only a month until D&D V4 releases to the public.

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Alright the Indiana Jones game for the PS3 is now available for purchase at  As well as there various versions of Star Wars, not to mention there upcoming version of Batman.  What is the point of this banter?  There is too much lego, yes I said it.  Lego products are cool enough in real life they don’t need to move into themed games.  There stand alone software is enough, and there planned MMO looks awesome, but to revamp these movies to be in the lego world is just to much for me.  Plus when lego is free form it is funner anyway.

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How many of you have heard of cloud computing? Well before today I hadn’t either. At least not the name. The idea of cloud computing is that everyone has access to the same level of computer resources over a network. You chose the level you want, and then your bank account is billed accordingly. This is a dramatic shift for the traditional way of acquiring computer power, in which if you wanted to upgrade it meant buying new hardware installing it, and as soon as you get everything running again, you are already behind the technological edge. Personally I don’t really like this idea, mainly because it relies on network connections, meaning if you loose connectivity you loose your computer, and denial of service attacks are very common, and very effective.  Plus here in Alaska all it takes is one misplaced shovel and our entire internet backbone is shot.  Also I really don’t like the idea of not being able to touch my computer. At least at the hardware/case level. This solution may work for the computer users who don’t require there computers to work all the time, and believe it or not there are still a few people for which this is true, but there numbers are dwindling. The technology of network connections is just not reliable enough yet to facilitate this change in basic computer use.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly groups will attack that which pisses them off. Most of these groups don’t even give the offending material a chance. As such I give you Grand theft auto IV. The latest installment in this ever popular game series. And just like all the previous releases the usual groups are up in arms. “its too violent… I don’t like the language used in the game” and other real life things in the game are their chief arguments. Listen, even though you in your sugar coated life may not see these things they do in fact happen. Therefore if a game company such as Rockstar games wants to put them into a game I feel they can. Also what ever happened to creativity, things like this have been put into books for decades.
Now there are those who would say that this game is not for minors, and I agree. That is why the game is rated MA (Mature Only). Now granted there are minors who will be playing this game, you can’t stop that. Just as sure as there will be minors sneaking into the next R rated action film. However it is as if these groups believe that Rockstar is directly advertising to teenagers. I must disagree with this. Yes the advertisements of the game will get teens excited, however they will also get many adults excited as well. Humans are violent by nature, history proves this. So when a human “adult” or a human “teen” sees said violence there bodies will react to the stimulant. There is no why around this fact, except for humans to evolve past violence, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.
So I guess my point is this. Yes Rockstar may have pushed the violence and language a little bit in the game, but at it’s core the experiences in GTA:IV are very similar to the ones a person would experience in a real life inner city.