By Ryne Colt Radigan | January 27, 2010 - 6:37 pm AKST - Posted in Apple Inc., Geek, Tech life, Technology

So Apple unveiled its tablet computer today.  Called the iPad it turns out that this supposed to be revolutionary tablet computer is really a giant iPod.  Ok that is a little critical but not to far from the truth.  Yes the iPad will function as an e-reader, and the iPods and iPhones won’t do that, also the screen size is giant when compared to it’s smaller “cousins”.  But from what I have seen the functionality will be very similar to the Ipod/iPhone.  This an not a tablet computer. You could say that it is an ultra portable.  Now with all that being said I do think there is a market for this product, do to the fact that it does have a quite large screen, and many usable apps including an e-reader and movie playing capabilities. Also depending on the particular model the iPad will support 3G connectivity for better wireless experiences.  Lets put it this way if i was given one I wouldn’t reject it.

After further reading I have discovered the the iPod and the iPhone to do e-reader functionality.  I appoligize for this, so I guess the only real difference between the iPod/iPhone and iPad are screen size.  Interesting.

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